Balance-Unbalance Conference: Live Streaming Panel

May 11th, 2016

I’ve been invited to take part in an online panel tonight for the Balance-Unbalance 2016 Conference in Manizales, Colombia. The conference focuses on sound, art, and the environment. Our panel discusses the potential for a worldwide open microphone network to become a resource for artists, researchers and activists working around acoustics and ecology.

Tune in here or here at 5PM tonight, NYC time. (May 11 2016).  My fellow panelists:

Grant Smith, (Manizales, CO, ): Reveil / Soundcamp and the Live Audio Archive.

John Grzinich, (Estonia / ): Streaming the dawn chorus from Estonia for Reveil/soundCamp

Maria Papadomanolaki, (London / ):  Sonic Perceptual Ecologies + Transient streams

Dawn Scarfe (London, UK, ): Reflections from Bivvy Broadcasts and Estonia

Zach Poff (NY, USA, ): Pond Station: live sounds from a pond in upstate New York

Shimotoku Daisuke (Tokyo, JP/ ): The cyberforest programme at the Un of Tokyo

Jiyeon Kim (Jeju Island, S Korea / ): Streaming from Wasan-Ri for Reveil

Eric Leonardson (Manizales, CO / ): The Radius soundcamp in Chicago

Leah Barclay (Brisbane, AU / ): The Biospheres Soundscapes programme.


Creative Tech Week 2016

May 6th, 2016

I was part of a panel with Galen Joseph-Hunter (Wave Farm), Heidi Neilson, and Ian Vanek called Environmental Transmission Works, Site-specific Installations at Wave Farm, part of Creative Tech Week 2016. We discussed our long-term outdoor projects at Wave Farm. (audio at link above)


May 6th, 2016

I was honored to contribute to REVEIL 2016, where my Pond Station installation was featured in the UTC -4 timezone. REVEIL relays the sounds of live open microphones provided by streamers around the world. This year we even heard birds filtering through the water and into the hydrophones.

Starting on the morning of Saturday 30 APR just before daybreak in Rotherhithe near the Greenwich Meridian, the Reveil broadcast tracks the sunrise west from microphone to microphone, following the wave of sound that loops the earth every 24 hours.

Sounds are provided by the Locus Sonus network and other streamers, together with a collection of live audio sources assembled for this broadcast.

REVEIL is different from the vast majority of radio available online: it is not dedicated mainly to music or talk, and none of it is pre recorded. Each sound is propagating live somewhere in real time.

Updated Live Video Delay

November 7th, 2015

My Live Video Delay software just got an update. (Actually it was from last year but I forgot to upload it!)

New features include a Mirror Image checkbox and an option for Auto Full-Screen.

DIY 16mm Film to HD Transfer

November 4th, 2015

Cooper HD Telecine 1 (wide shot with cover closed)Motion picture film is a unique medium, and transfers to digital files will always lose the physicality of the original object, but at least we can make it look good!

I’m slowly documenting the DIY 16mm transfer machine I built for Cooper Union Art School. It produces sharp 1080p transfers from color and B&W reversal, print, and negative films.

The page will evolve as time permits, but it will never be a step-by-step guide to building your own. Consider it as inspiration!

Livewire With Microkingdom

November 3rd, 2015

Microkingdom-livewire-1On October 23rd I joined Baltimore-based Microkingdom for a live set at the University of Maryland, part of the sixth Livewire Festival of New Music.

I played live looping and layering as well as granular synth transformations of speech fragments recorded during the Sun Dialogs radio project this summer.

We took full advantage of the beautiful Meyer surround system and variable acoustics of the university’s Music Box performance space.

Witnesses Trikaya @ Ottawa School of Art

November 3rd, 2015

Witnesses Trikaya Ottawa - panorama (600px)

N.B.Aldrich and I debuted a new installation called Witnesses: Trikaya at Ottawa School of Art in Ontaria Canada.
In Witnesses: Trikaya, circuit-bent Buddhist chantboxes respond to footage of Chinese incursions in Tibet.

The show is up until Nov 22 2015. Complete documentation will follow.

Lots of updates to D.I.Y. section

August 19th, 2015

I recently updated the D.I.Y. Resources section of this site:

Also, all audio clips are now streamed via html5, so they should work on mobile devices. (Sorry, most of the videos are still Flash for now.)

Tune in to Pond Station!

July 4th, 2015

PondStation-DSLR-sunny-close-widePond Station is a modular platform for monitoring the hidden activity of a freshwater pond at Wave Farm in Acra, NY. It floats on the water’s surface, broadcasting underwater sounds through a live radio link from dawn to evening every day (using solar-charged internal batteries).

Listen to the live web stream and archived sounds here.

May 2 – REVEIL Live Broadcast from Pond Station

April 19th, 2015

Soundcamp2015-bannerSoundCamp is a series of outdoor listening events on International Dawn Chorus Day, linked by REVEIL: a 24 hour broadcast that tracks the sounds of daybreak, traveling West from microphone to microphone, relayed live by audio streamers around the globe. Sounds are provided by the Locus Sonus network and other streamers, together with a collection of live audio sources assembled for this broadcast.

In conjunction with SoundCamp/REVEIL I’m throwing the switch on a new installation: Pond Station is a long-term modular platform for monitoring the hidden activity of a freshwater pond near the Wave Farm Study Center in Acra, NY. Sitting above the surface of the water, and powered by solar-charged internal batteries, Pond Station detects vibrations of light and underwater sound and broadcasts them to the Study Center (and the web) through a live radio link.

Pond Station will be included in the UTC-5 section of the REVEIL broadcast.

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