Mar 29 | The Voice | Proposals Due

Read Before Class


In Class

Written proposals due today for the second project.

  • Bring a short description of one or more ideas for your project.
  • Present your idea(s) to the class to get feedback.

Today’s topics:

  • How have artists used the voice within & outside of language?
  • What does the separation of body and voice do to our concept of the self?
  • How does sound effect physiology? Does the body have a voice?


Further Research

  • For some historical background on speech synthesis, read Dennis Klatt’s History of Speech Synthesis, now archived by the Smithsonian. It’s really badly organized, so you might want to cut straight to the sound samples which are archived here.
  • German artist Martin Riches created Talking Machine, a mechanical voice synthesizer with reed organ pipes coupled to wooden resonators. (short youtube demo)