Nov 30 | Massaging The Medium

Read Before Class


  • “Histories of Sound, Once Removed” , Douglas Kahn, from Wireless Imagination
    Today we are focusing on what he calls “inscription” but the rest of the article applies to last week’s topics.

In Class

  • Discuss analog and digital recording technologies, their qualities and affordances.
  • Explore the physicality of phonography and its potential for exploitation and modification
  • Break and remake LP records to make fractured aural collages
  • Record original records with a DIY record lathe.
  • Cut 1/4” tape into a room-sized loop, revealing the physical length of recorded time
  • Discuss how limitations can become assets in recording, embracing noise within process


  • Christian Marclay mini-documentary and performance on YouTube and article from Frieze Magazine
  • Walter Kitundu’s instruments that incorporate turntables.
  • Yasunao Tone’s bio page from his label, Asphodel (includes a sample of his “wounded CD” music.)
  • Alyce Santoro’s “sonic fabric” (and a related YouTube video that Pierre Schaeffer might enjoy)
  • Steve Reich’s early tape music (“Come Out”, “It’s Gonna Rain”)
  • Burroughs and Brion Gysin cut-up recordings (ubuweb)
  • John Oswald’s remixed audio book “The Case of Death by Agatha Smith” and “Power”, a 1975 track that combines a charismatic preacher with Led Zeppelin’s “The Wanton Song” (both available on the CD “Plunderphonics 69/96“)

Further Research