… Project 1: Portrait

DUE IN 3 WEEKS (Oct 12)

Make a short piece (under 5 min) that you would consider a portrait (not necessarily a self-portrait, but that’s OK too).

  • It can contain voices, but you should strongly consider what speech means in the context of your piece.
  • Take into consideration the environment where the sound will be presented: You must consider the physical form (sculpture, installation, performance, just audio, etc.) and be willing to explain why any crucial elements are missing.
  • Be practical: If your piece requires headphones, prepare multiple headphones so we don’t spend an hour listening individually. (See Dan Porvin in the editing room to get headphones, speakers, amplifiers, etc. He needs one week of advance notice. Please respect that.)

What not to do: “For my piece to make sense, everybody has to imagine that there’s a huge ice-sculpture with hundreds of tiny speakers, carved out of a receding glacier by 22 blind Inuit fishermen. But all I brought is this mp3 of me masturbating for 20 min. Is that OK?”

After the crit I need an AIFF or WAVE file (not MP3) to document the piece. If it’s a performance or installation then feel free to document on video or whatever medium best suits the piece.