… Project 3: NAFP


PROPOSAL: due in two weeks (Nov 16)

  • You must present your proposal to the class and give me a written copy.

CRITS: Dec 7 & Dec 14

This is the last formal project of the semester, but it’s Not A Final Project! Final projects often turn out worse than the smaller ones that preceded them. Here are two recurring tragedies:

  1. During the last weeks of school you experience cathartic solitary fits of creativity, trying to make something that encapsulates a whole semester (or lifetime?) of ideas into one piece. It’s overburdened with big ideas and falls flat. In the final crit we encourage you to simplify but the piece is behind you, school’s over and you never revisit it.
  2. You experience cathartic solitary fits of creativity working on your painting final. Despite your best intentions, everything is due at the same time and your sound project gets ignored until it’s too late. You play some fart piano on your iPhone and say it’s all about Relational Aesthetics.

To prevent these disasters, Project 3 is due long before the end of the semester. Hooray!

A Prompt To Get You Started:

Start thinking of a sound project that acknowledges the space in which it is presented. The ideas and motivations are up to you. Maybe it uses recordings (from “its space” or elsewhere) but it engages the here and now in a meaningful way. Perhaps the audience comes to “it” (consciously or not) or perhaps it comes to them. It could be ephemeral or portable or have no specific “site” at all. It could be performative but it must extend beyond accompaniment. It could be a process but we must be able to take part in it or see its effects.

I’m looking for an internal logic in the work; a framework that guides your intentions and reflects your investment in the issues we discuss in this class. If you use this same work for another class, the burden is on you to make it appropriate here. (Usually it is not appropriate, and I can tell when people are trying to put a square peg in a round hole.)