Oct 19 | Crit Cont’d | Contact Mics

Read Before Class


Bring $5 to class to pay for your contact mic parts.

In Class

  • Explore resonance, from drum-shells to skyscrapers to collapsing bridges.
  • Build piezoelectric contact-mics from readily-available materials and…
  • … make recordings with them!


  • Bill Fontana’s “Harmonic Bridge” at Tate Modern
  • Toshiya Tsunoda’s intense and subtle field recordings of banal places
  • Jana Winderen’s compositions using underwater recordings and ultrasound
  • David Dunn’s “The Sound of Light in Trees” (recordings of bark beetles)
  • Rob Duarte’s “MOVEMENT” … a machine performance that documents the activities of a heap of small contraptions and mundane mechanical movements
  • Tomomi Adachi’s Tomoring instruments made of springs and other objects, amplified by contact mics.

Further Research