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Live Stream: Patapsco

A live audio stream broadcasting in June 2021 from the edge of a state forest in Maryland, USA. Established to celebrate the emergence of the 17 year periodical cicadas.

Sounds of Sculptures: Epistrophy

The main campus of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY is open to the public, and they maintain an outdoor sculpture park. I visited in 2018 to record the vibrations of…

Silent Bells Ringing

In the liner notes for the first disc of “The Time of Bells”, Steven Feld writes: “In these compositions you’ll hear how bells sound the time of day, the time…

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BrightSign Video Sync Scripts

Yes, you can use BrightSign media players with a Mac! These scripts will configure the players for multi-channel synchronized playback without the (Windows only) BrightAuthor software.

Live Video Delay

Live Video Delay is a simple application with a self-explanatory name. It shows a full-screen time-delayed feed from an attached video camera. Stereo audio can be delayed to match.

Video Trigger

Attach a camera and trigger sounds whenever occupancy is detected in six user-defined areas of the video image. You have complete control over the playback logic and signal routing. Surround is supported.

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