Below The East River

I’m often surprised by the sounds that emerge from the water and what they can tell us. This winter I … + More

CUNY GCDI Sound Workshop

In February 2018 I taught a workshop at the CUNY Graduate Center, as part of their Digital Initiatives Sound Series.

Pond Station

Live streaming the hidden activity of a freshwater pond.

Hunter College IMA Workshop 2017

I was invited to produce a 3-session sound workshop for the Integrated Media Arts graduate program at Hunter College in Spring 2017.

CCNY Multi-Screen Video Workshop

In Fall of 2016 I gave a workshop on multi-channel video presentation techniques for the DIAP graduate program at City College of NY.

Sferics 2: Bell Cloud

Bursts of natural atmospheric radio energy (“sferics”) control a room full of mechanized bells.

Fence Drone

This is a contact-mic recording of a long fence in coastal Croatia. Wind is resonating the metal wires, interrupted by … + More