Trio For Other Ears

A 15 minute audio piece that I composed for the 2021 World Listening Day live stream, focusing on bats, cicadas, and underwater life.

Live Stream: Patapsco

A live audio stream broadcasting in June 2021 from the edge of a state forest in Maryland, USA. Established to celebrate the emergence of the 17 year periodical cicadas.

Silent Bells Ringing

In the liner notes for the first disc of “The Time of Bells”, Steven Feld writes: “In these compositions you’ll … + More

Storm Topography

I often think of thunderstorms as sonic “illuminators” of the landscape. Like the clicking echolocation devices in Alvin Lucier’s “Vespers”, … + More

Listening to Flagpoles

A flagpole is a wonderfully hybrid object that seems to connect two worlds. Firmly planted in the earth, it lifts … + More

Below The East River

I’m often surprised by the sounds that emerge from the water and what they can tell us. This winter I … + More

CUNY GCDI Sound Workshop

In February 2018 I taught a workshop at the CUNY Graduate Center, as part of their Digital Initiatives Sound Series.