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Before you ask, here are some answers to common questions that I receive all the time:

Does your software do what I want?

Please read the website carefully. Then download the software and try it first. If you have any specific questions or bug reports, feel free to get in touch. I’d rather not hear from you if you haven’t taken the time to try the software.

My awesome company needs to talk to you about your “product”. We are considering it for a high-profile trade-show / music video / business idea. Please call me ASAP.

Are you kidding? My apps are not “products”. They are made in my (limited) free time and I’m happy to share them with you.  If something is useful to your business, I’m glad. (And if my software seems broken, I’d love to know!) However, I offer no promise of support, and I’m certainly never going to call you to solve your problems on the phone.

Have you ever thought about adding this feature …?

First, keep in mind that the source code is included in my downloads, so you can add whatever features you want if you have the MAX visual programming environment. But… I’m always open to ideas and curious to hear about the different ways people use the software that I share.

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