Witnesses: Trikaya

This will be the eventual home of the documentation of Witnesses: Trikaya.

Pond Station

Pond Station is a modular platform for monitoring the hidden activity of a freshwater pond at the Wave Farm in Acra, NY. Listen to the live webstream here.


Sferics 2: Bell Cloud

Sferics 2: Bell Cloud (a collaboration with N.B.Aldrich) uses atmospheric radio energy (“sferics”) to control a room full of mechanized bells.


Wave Farm Residency 2013

In June 2013 N.B.Aldrich and I were resident artists at the Wave Farm in upstate NY, an organization dedicated to transmission arts, sound and media.



Uncovered is a sound installation where a “cloud” of umbrellas showers listeners with narrow beams of sound.


Witnesses: SCOPE

I exhibited a version of my Witnesses piece at SCOPE New York art fair 2013. Seven circuit-bent Buddhist chant-boxes responded to a slideshow of images from the opening of the Headscapes group exhibition.



Witnesses is an installation where circuit-bent Buddhist chant-boxes create a dense sound composition in response to television images.


Radio Silence - Radio Sculpture #4

Radio Silence

Radio Silence explores the silent moments of talk-radio, combining eight AM broadcasts into an expanded conversation based on the “negative spaces” between words.


Video Silence - TV and Person

Video Silence

Video Silence harvests an ongoing compilation of silent moments from broadcast television.


Appropriate Response

Appropriate Response is a generative audio installation that creates a dynamic conversation between three television sets. Using sound clips harvested from local broadcasts, the televisions act as individuals engaged in an ongoing topical debate.

2008 (with N.B. Aldrich)

Chant Boxes - Printed Matter edition

“Enchanted” Chant-Boxes

Enchanted is a series of Buddhist chant-boxes that have been circuit-bent to enable radical alteration of pitch.


The Alchemist's Secret Assistant

The Alchemist’s Secret Assistant

A video where the camera weaves a trail around the body of an alchemist, follows the contours of cryptic diagrams, and traces the ripples of enchanted liquids.


The Aural Ecosystem

The Aural Ecosystem applies the generative structures of nature to audio synthesis, creating an ‘ecosystem’ that develops over time.

2007 (with N.B. Aldrich)

The Past is a Ghost

The Past is a Ghost is an interactive video installation where a viewer’s live video image is joined by glimpses of previous passers-by, creating a compressed virtual history.

2006-2007 (with N.B. Aldrich)

The Sentiment Machine

The Sentiment Machine is a self-regulating sound installation that remixes broadcast television’s staple products, producing an automatic “conversation” with consistent topical continuity.

2007 (with N.B. Aldrich)

The Observational Soundscape

The Observational Soundscape is a series of installations that create spontaneous accompaniments for public places, reflecting the visual and aural phenomena observed in the area.

2005-2007 (with N.B. Aldrich)

Parallel Rhetoric: Coming and Going (Auburn wide)

Parallel Rhetoric: Coming and Going

Parallel Rhetoric: Coming and Going is an installation that seamlessly combines the Inaugural and Farewell speeches of former U.S. Presidents.


City Salvage

City Salvage was a collaborative film/sound performance at Monkytown, a 4-wall projection venue in Brooklyn, NY.

2006 (with Bosko Blagojevic, Lynne Sachs and Mark Street)

The Shape of Memory

The Shape of Memory explores the patterns of recollection. Super8 home movie frames are removed from their original timeline and re-ordered according to visual rules.

2006 (with N.B. Aldrich)

Parallel Rhetoric: 2001 + 2005 (tall with mic)

Parallel Rhetoric: 2001 + 2005

Parallel Rhetoric: 2001 + 2005 seamlessly combines George Bush’s 2001 and 2005 Inauguration addresses into one composite speech.


Movement Reflection

Movement Reflection is a single channel, stereo audio/video presentation which results from a process of recycling and abstraction.

2005 (with MAP Intermedia: N.B. Aldrich & Brendan McCall)

11:00 News

5 local news shows (recorded on the same night in 5 cities) are mixed simultaneously without edits. The standardized structure of info-tainment shines through as the local details are obscured.

2004 (with N.B. Aldrich)

Explosions and Reactions (explosions)

Explosions & Reactions

Explosions & Reactions compresses the wide-screen spectacle of action-movie violence into small weightless frames.


Interference Patterns

Interference Patterns

Interference Patterns is an installation that explores interference phenomena on the surface of water.


Search Signals

Search Signals

In Search Signals, footsteps are heard pacing within four beams of focused sound, while the whole area is permeated by a mechanized chord of Morse-Code messages.


Ice (still)


16mm film: A bright frozen world accompanied by shortwave telemetry, and a parallel world hidden in darkness.


Fluoro (still)


16mm Film: Interrupting a backdrop of glowing fluorescent tubes and field-recordings, a synthesized voice commands the film to “stop” …