Feb 22 | Class Performance | More Editing

In Class

Prepare your part for the class performance today.
Bring laptops for the editing workshop.

Everything will be recorded from different perspectives so we have a library of sounds to use for your upcoming project.

  • After the performance we will go to the editing lab and introduce advanced editing in Reaper: signal-processing fundamentals (EQ, compression/expansion, delay effects, noise reduction, pitch and time) and surround panning & export.

Further Research

  • Regarding signal processing and compression, see the Wikipedia page on The Loudness War (the trend to compress albums in the mastering stage, solely to increase volume rather than enhance the music). A very high-profile casualty is the Metallica album “Death Magnetic” which was so compressed and distorted that people complained, especially when they discovered better-sounding tracks inside the Guitar Hero video game! Here’s a YouTube video comparing the CD and Guitar Hero versions.
  • Interview with Andrea Parkins about her work (which includes improvised sound performance)