Apr 12 | Guest Artist | Interactivity & Process

Read Before Class

In Class

  • We will be joined by a guest for the first half of class
  • Discuss different flavors of interactivity. Try basic software (my applications, etc) and hardware (MP3 Trigger)
  • Discuss how audio can trace processes or generative systems. (Conway’s game of life…)
  • Aleatoric composition, indeterminacy…


  • Clinamen and From Here To Ear by Céleste Boursier-Mougenot
  • Zimoun
  • Harry Bertoia’s Sonambient metal sculptures
  • Mileece creates participatory performances where plants generate sounds via electrodes that monitor their electrical activity.
  • Pinuccio Sciola’s “singing rock” limestone sculptures
  • Alvin Lucier “Music for Solo Performer” video (from “OHM+” DVD or seek to 57:40 in this ubuweb video)

Further Research

  • Susan Hiller’s Witness (2000) draws a comparison between religious visions and UFO sightings. Hundreds of tiny speakers hang from the ceiling, playing audio from witnesses of UFO activity. Also see this behind-the-scenes video from Tate.