Jan 18 | Intro to Listening

We Will Read In Class

In Class

  • Change class time to 6:30-10:20 (if it’s not already)
  • Discuss everybody’s previous experience with sound
  • Syllabus intro (expectations, grading, attendance)
  • Software suggestions (ProTools, Reaper, etc…)
  • Introduce phenomenology and the representation of the eye v. the abstraction of the ear. What makes up the experience of sound?
  • Consider the formalism of pop music and the lack of a popular “visual music”.  Can we divorce sounds from their creators and their contexts?


  • Listen to an assortment of field-recordings, considering them on the basis of Chion’s 3-part taxonomy
  • Introduce a few pieces of sound art and new music
    • “Harmonic Bridge”, Bill Fontana
    • “Into the Labirinth”, Hildegard Westerkamp
    • “He Destroyed Her Image”, Charles Dodge
    • “More From the Case of Death”, John Oswald
    • “Blinking Lights”, Norbert Moslang
    • “Solo for Wounded CD”, Yasunao Tone
    • “Two Listening Rooms / Birmingham”, David Cunningham
    • “Maresia Shadow-Walk”, Viv Corringham
    • “Temporarily Humbolt County”, Firesign Theatre

Further Research

Be sure to check out my Research & Resources page for archives, blogs, websites & books pertaining to sound in art.