… Performance & Project 1 Prompt

Class Performance – Feb 22

The first half of class will be devoted to audio performances. Each student needs to prepare a short performative piece that utilizes some of the techniques and ideas we have covered so far. We will look for opportunities to link together different activities into larger collaborative improvisations.

This is a moment to participate, explore, and try new things, but please be prepared. (If you need equipment or guidance, find me or email me to start working it out.) I made some free software that may be useful, like Video Trigger.

Looking for inspiration? Peruse the “Further Research” sections of each syllabus page. We will record everything and make the sounds available for …

Project 1 – Due March 8

Make a short (< 5 min) sound composition that utilizes any of the recordings we made in the class performance. Feel free to add your own recorded sounds (or live performative elements) and explore whatever interests you. There are no conceptual boundaries for this project, but I need to hear evidence that you are using your ears to navigate toward your conceptual goals: All we have is the sound you give us, so if your recordings or edits sound terrible then your ideas won’t come through.

On crit day I need an AIFF or WAVE file (not MP3) to document the piece.

If your piece is stereo or surround audio, intended for acousmatic listening then just arrive with your file and you can play it from the computer.

If your piece is a sculpture or installation, take into consideration the environment where the sound will be presented, and see Dan Porvin in the editing room to get headphones, speakers, amplifiers, etc. He needs one week of advance notice. Please respect that.

Be practical: If your piece requires headphones, prepare multiple headphones so we don’t spend an hour listening individually. (We need to finish the crit in 4 hours so we can’t spend too much time on each piece.)