… Exercise : “Reduced Listening”


Find a sonic environment with interesting layers of sound. It should be relatively quiet so you can really listen carefully. Find a comfortable position where you can linger for a long time.
(This place must be accessible later because you will eventually record there.)

  1. Sit for 10 minutes listening, without saying, writing, or recording anything.
  2. Take 10 minutes to list the sources of each sound that makes up your environment (jackhammer, air-conditioner, fish tank)
  3. Take 10 more minutes to listen deeper, ignoring the sources of each sound. List the properties of the sound itself, starting with the total mass and going deeper into whatever threads you discover. Feel free to follow any metaphors, memories, impressions the sound suggests, or explore questions of pitch, loudness, timbre, and duration. Try to be very specific.

That’s 30 min and 2 lists, written down and ready to hand in and discuss for the next class.