Mar 22 | Soundwalks & Interventions

Read Before Class

In Class

Class does not meet at Cooper tonight! Instead we will have a night of soundwalks and sonic interventions in public space. You will need a smartphone or mobile device. If you don’t have one, share with a friend. Charge your phone and bring headphones!

“Her Long Black Hair” – Janet Cardiff

“Jungle-ized” – Soundwalk Collective


  • After the Cardiff piece we will walk through Times Square and check out the Jungle-ized mobile phone soundwalk by Soundwalk Collective.
  • Download the app in advance over WiFi because it’s huge (400MB)! There is an 80MB “LITE” version with lower quality soundfiles if you’re running out of phone space or bandwidth.
  • The walk covers the area between 43rd and 47th streets along 7th Ave and Broadway.
  • Each street represents a different time of day (north=later)

“Times Square” – Max Neuhaus


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